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Hello! We are Cindy & Cathy.

A mother and daughter duo trying to do our part in bringing beauty to the world with flowers. 



My journey in the floral industry started about 16 years ago in Washington state, when a friend asked if I would be their florist for their wedding. I love a creative challenge. I said, "I do"! In 2011, we moved to southern California, where my true love of floral design blossomed. So naturally, when we moved to North Carolina in 2017, Anchored Floral was rooted. The best part? My mom partnered with me in this business! We are a mother & daughter team doing what we love.

When I'm not designing with flowers, you'll find me spending time with my husband and my precious family, including my 2 favorite little humans (my grandsons). The beach is my place of refuge. I love a good cup of coffee. And I want to daily pursue that purpose God has for my life. 

My mom...the funniest, most creative, ho


Meet my mom, Cathy. She is the one who introduced me to floral design when I was a little girl. Today, she is my inspiration and it is a dream come true to have her by my side as the lead floral designer. She is a brilliant designer and a talented artist (both flowers and painted canvas - hoping to incorporate some of her artwork into our business soon). She loves spending time with her 13 grandkids and 2 great-grandsons and seeking out unique and pretty collectables at local thrift shops.



As florists, we thoroughly love the entire creative process. Most importantly, we enjoy meeting and connecting with new and current clients and vendors. We know there are many factors involved when planning a wedding or special event, so we strive to make the process fun and stress-free giving you the peace of mind knowing every detail will be perfect. ​

The Team: Meet the Team
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